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Sparkle Your ALL AND SHINE!

Sparkling Your All begins with You - Awakening your Inner Leader to get your divine spark fired up. Stressed, Depressed or Overwhelmed? Sick and tired of having to talk yourself back up from emotional lows etc.?  Want to stay laser-focused and crush your goals with ease?  Learn how to be a better CEO of You!  Focus, Achieve and Get Stuff Done more effectively and with More ease.  Add "Sparkle" to your home, your work and your business.  My clients love keeping their Sparkle products handy and using their tools and processes regularly, as they magnetize to them what they want and enjoy more ease in their lives using the Sparkle Approach.  Learn also how to use process to your advantage AND engage hearts and minds in getting your results.   Get To be more *R.E.A.L.  *Radiant, Empowered, Aligned, Leader. There IS an easier way – If you’re open and willing to do Different things and do things just a little bit Differently! Are You willling?

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Cut to the Chase

Take charge of the beautiful, resilient person that you are. Learn to truly be the CEO of You, create the life you wish. Learn how to Increase your Sparkle and achieve your goals and dreams in your life and business. As you become more self aware and get improving your Positivity Quotient, you will notice that you get through challenges and obstacles with more ease and have less stress.

Be The CEO of You

Take charge of the beautiful, resilient person that you are. Learn powerful tools and processes that help you change your paradigms. Open to new experiences? My clients notice that as they shift and change their mindset etc., that they experience many other benefits. They love feeling lighter, more energized and having more clarity.  My clients are amazed at how in being a better CEO of themselves, they can achieve and enjoy so much more in their lives and businesses.

Optimize Your Time with Systems

There are steps in everything you do that you can group together in systems to make best use of your time, effort and resources.  With the Sparkle Approach and 40,000 foot view, we then drill down to the details, understand what's happening to make improvements. From relationships to products to services and profitability. Awesome.

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Engage People's Hearts And Minds

Including Your Own!

How much more will you be able to achieve if those you are working with, support your 40,000 foot view? How much more, if they're dialed in with their hearts and minds engaged could you accomplish? Allow creative possibilities to unfold and present themselves to you and your team so you can crush your goals and turn your vision into reality.

Sick and tired of Talking Yourself Back Up again & again... 

when you get feeling down in the dumps - emotionally down? Everything IS Energy and Vibration. Instead of beating yourself up, ready to do something different for You? Yourself?  Too long since you could sit back and totally enjoy the little moments and not feel like you're watching time slip away? Is your desk piled high with paper, bags of chips and snacks you've been stuffing your face with sitting beside the coffee mugs or cans of coke you've been using to to keep you going? You have so much on your plate, not sure what to work on first? My clients love when I share the Sparkle Approach with them so instead of racking their brains trying to get focused, they get coached on empowering steps and tools and tell me that the "fog just lifted" effortlessly. They love that they could get what they needed to do more easily. Often physical issues are related to negative emotions and happenings in our lives that get deeply etched in our being.  Willing to explore?  Only the serious need apply to limited spots. Programs are customized to clients' specific needs.  If this resonates with you, simply book your Breakthrough Sparkle Success Call. It's for R.E.A.L. (Radiant, Empowered, Aligned, Leaders) - who wish to harness within, the heart and drive to turn their dreams into their reality.

Add Sparkle To Your Surroundings - Energy-Infused intuitive  art works. 

Abstract Art with colours, lines and patterns of flow that add beautiful uplifting, inspiring vibes to spaces big and small.

MIchele works with acrylic  and mixed media on primarily canvas and wood. Perhaps you will spot crystals embedded in her paintings from time to time.  Enjoy! 

Michele's art has been described as abstract expressionism. She paints intuitively as she connects to her intention of helping others feel better, do better and be better in all ways.

These energy infused acrylic and mixed media paintings, assorted Sparkle affirmation cards and ice crystal photo cards are available at her art studio**.  Her customers love their paintings because as one customer shared with Michele "Her painting made her toes dance in her shoes.", and another "She wanted to go to work because her painting made her feel so good and she hadn't felt like working for a long time."  Many love that they can hang and enjoy their painting in their favorite orientation - four paintings in one! 

Instagram - @SparkleYourAll **Studio 7 at VASA, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada (Note: Covid-19 Open-To-Public restrictions in effect).

Add More Inner Sparkle to Get Off The Roller Coaster Ride of More Emotional Lows Than Highs at Home and at Work?

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