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Terms of Service

Effective date:  May 18, 2018

Term Sheet

This term sheet sets forth the proposed terms of service for

Products and/or services provided by Sparkle Your All / MHL Consult Inc.

This may include coaching services, consulting services and sale of physical and digital products.

1. Purchase of Products / Services 

The client, hereafter the Purchase would acquire from MHL Consult Inc., hereafter the Company, single or a combination of services or products eg.

           *  Coaching Programs 

           * Consulting Services

           * Physical Products **

           * Digital Products **

                                   ** eg.  books, original art, card decks, art cards, art prints

The properties and assets purchased would be hereafter referred to as the Assigned Interests.

2. Purchase Price

The Purchase, shall pay the agreed upon price for the properties and assets purchased.  The Payment Terms would be as follows:

For Services - Payment per agreed upon terms at time of sale noted on the customized contract agreement.

For Physical and Digital Products - Purchase price specified (includes shipping and handling as appropriate), Prior to Shipment/Delivery of product(s).

3.  Representation and Warranties 

(a)  The Purchaser and Company shall comply with applicable law in the performance of any of the above transactions.

(b) Company has good title and ownership over the Assigned interests;

(c) Company guarantees that the Assigned Interests are free from any obligation and defects, and are as represented to the Purchaser e.g. "Original" art.

(d) The Purchaser and Company shall honour any contractural agreements mutually agreed to, for any coaching or consulting services purchased.  This includes confidentiality, guarantees and warranties.



Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about this Terms of Service, please contact us:

  • By email: [email protected] 
  • By mail:   MHL Consult Inc., Box 21118 Terwillegar, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6R 2V4